About UPM

United Pullers of Minnesota was formed in 1988 by two organizations, Minnesota Tractor Pullers Contest Corporation which was one of the five founding state organization that formed NTPA in 1969 and Gopher State Tractor Pullers.
The two organization merged in 1988 to form one united organization. They are now called United Pullers of Minnesota. UPM is governed by an 11 member Board of Directors. When elected they serve a 3 year term.

Contact Information

Bill Daluge, President
(612) 490-5206
[email protected]

Penny Dietzel, Secretary
(612) 202-9933
[email protected]

Darrin Dietzel, Vice President
(612) 240-8256
[email protected]

Kim Moore, Treasurer
(507) 381-7399
[email protected]

Dale Quamme, MN Region III Coordinator & Roll Cage Inspector
(952) 500-0820

Mitch Coop, Promoter Rep
(612) 282-9143
[email protected]

John Bendzick, Sponsor Rep
(952) 292-1246
[email protected]

Scott Riskedahl, Head Tech
(612) 200-7394
[email protected]

Jordan Moore, Website Manager
[email protected]

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